benefits of gaming

There are actual benefits to gaming, most people just don’t realize. (Lord help me, I’m already regretting this one.) But here are the team’s top three:

Stress Relief Benefits

Yes, you heard me. Stress Relief! It can be a great way to get pent-up anger and frustration out. And it doesn’t cost you a thing. You can hop on a game such as GTA or COD, and start blowing stuff up, shooting people, go on an adventure, or whatever your game choice leads you to. You can even talk to people you are gaming with.

New Friends/Connections

This has always been a good one! You tend to meet like-minded people from all different walks of life while playing. Most of these people you will have something in common with. We have friends from all over the place we have played with for years. We have cheered each other on from the sidelines, seen their children grow up, lives change, everything, yet we have never actually met in person. But these people are some of our closest friends. They have helped us through more than our own families.

Learn New Skills

Yes! You read that right, NEW SKILLS! You never know what new skill in-game or in real life you may learn. It could be something as simple as time management, or something as extreme as operating a full-blown gaming server. Hell! You might find you have skill in a game you thought wasn’t for you.

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