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Summertime gaming is a great time of year. Tons of new games come out, and plenty of time to play. Mix in a move and call it crazy.

Doc and I have been dealing with that for the last month or so. And it has not been easy. We have been working like crazy and moving. We are finally to the point he will have a normal schedule….I hope. And although he doesn’t do much on the writing end, at least you will be able to see him on the stream.

We love all of the support we have been getting and have been working like crazy to make sure we continue to gain the support. Things have been nuts around here and I know you have missed us at times. But know, if we are not live on the stream, you can always catch us and catch up with us on the Lucky and the Gang podcast!

Don’t forget to drop us a comment and make sure to include some of your favorite games. Hell, leave us a comment of what games you want to see Doc play in upcoming streams.

And if you want to watch Doc live, hit him up on Twitch! And enjoy all of your summertime gaming.

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