rules you gotta break

With everything, there always comes a set of rules to be followed. But in this case, here are our top four rules that need to be broken.

1)Girls Can’t/Should Not Be Gamers

That is such a bull shit thing. Girls can game just as well, if not better than most guys. Gaming is not about sex, it is about skill and drive. Notice how it is mostly guys who make the comments that girls shouldn’t do this or that? Well, most of those guys are wrong!

2)You Have To Have An Expensive Setup

You’re kidding me, right? This is another overrated “rule” that can go to hell. In my opinion, you could have the smallest, cheapest setup there is, but it wouldn’t matter as long as you can play the games. Because it is again about skill and drive, not about what you do or don’t have.

3) Everyone Is Your Competition

Y’all really got jokes if you believe this one. In gaming, you are only in competition with yourself. You are trying to be better than you were the day before. It should never solely be about beating anyone or being better than them. Learn from them, you never know when they have a skill you don’t.

4) You Have To Act Like A Bad Ass

On what fucking planet is this even a thing?!?!?! You can seriously still play hard without having to be a total jerk about it. Enough said!

All of these “rules” really should not even be a thing. But if you feel we got them right, drop a comment, give us a follow on social media, and keep an eye on the stream. We break the rules of gaming all the time!

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